10 Awesome Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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Have a coffee-obsessed member of the family who loves anything and everything to do with coffee? Or a friend who can recite the exact origins of every coffee bean on the planet? In other words, are you having to buy for a complete coffee-enthusiast? Well, stress no more because buying a gift for them has never been easier, thanks to our list of the 10 best gifts for coffee lovers.

From books and keepsakes to accessories and blends, Toby’s Estates is Australia’s premier coffee connoisseurs offering all the gift suggestions easily online. So, sit back and relax and enjoy our gift guide:


  1. What I know about running coffee shops – By Colin Harmon

This charming book will be any coffee-lovers delight. It’s written by self-taught coffee master and Irish Barista Champion, Colin Harmon, who began his coffee career selling coffee from a cart outside a nightclub. What I Know About Running Coffee Shops uncomplicatedly takes the reader through lessons, stories, and guidelines into the day-to-day realities of running a coffee shop and the building of a coffee empire. Colin owns Dublin’s most successful coffee shop, 3fe, and talks the reader through his process of creating the innovative, speciality brand. This book is certainly a must-have for any coffee-enthusiast.

  1. Coffee Trails Book – By Toby Smith

It started with a lifelong dream of travelling to Ethiopia, the home of coffee, by Toby’s Estates founder Toby Smith, and ended in a coffee table book which covers 11 countries and details the origins, history and character of some of the world’s greatest coffee beans. Smith takes the reader through a journey from Ethiopia to Yemen, stopping at countries like Brazil and Costa Rica on the way. Coffee Trails is a sumptuous journey for any reader made sweeter by the exquisite photographs taken by Smith’s fellow coffee lover and best friend, Garrett Robinson. This certainly is an age-less gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

  1. Coffee Encounters – By Toby’s Estate

Another timeless gift is the coffee table book, Coffee Encounters, which is a collection of images and stories that will have your coffee-loving friend falling in love with coffee each time they page through it. The book journeys through the most exotic and beautiful coffee farming regions of Latin America and Indonesia, with a cameo appearance by an Italian farm as well. Meet the growers, roasters, cafes and barista’s who bring the coffee to life in these regions, allowing you to understand the beauty of coffee literally from the ground up.

  1. Coffeeography – Stephen Leighton

Get a perfect glimpse into the true beauty of coffee plantations and productions from across the world, thanks to Stephen Leighton’s delicious first book, Coffeeography – The Coffee Producers. The book delves into the sights and sounds of 40 of the world’s best coffee producers across 11 countries which Stephen has had the privilege of working closely with through his coffee shop Has Bean which opened its doors in 1999. Through the years Stephen has watched the producers work, first-hand, and the flavourful book encompasses that. It also has allowed him to showcase some of the over 30 000 photos he’s taken over his career too. A definite must-read for the coffee-enthusiast.

Accessories – Coffee Cups

  1. Toby’s Cork Keep Cups, Keep Cups and Tumblers

Choose from Toby’s Estates’ range of keep cups and tumblers that are the best gift ever for the person who always orders their coffee to go. We have a range of keep cups as well as Mirr Tumblers to choose from that will suit any style and personality. Our new Glass Cork Keep Cups have had a revamp and are now snazzier than ever. The tempered soda lime glass is durable, resistant to heat, and shock resistant. The cork band keeps the heat away from the delicate fingers too. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this gift idea, whether its for your busy mum-friend, or your corporate best friend, a travelling coffee mug is a must have for any coffee-lover.

Toby’s Glass and Cork Keep Cups

Toby’s Glass and Black Band Keep Cup

MiiR Tumbler 8oz

MiiR Tumbler 12oz

Coffee – Filter Roasts Single Origin

  1. Espresso Rico

The truly decadent part on any coffee-buffs journey is trying to find the right coffee blend, which is tantamount to finding the perfect partner. We think the perfect gift to give any coffee-lover this season would be our Espresso Rico blend (which in fact, turned 20 years old this year). It was Toby’s first blend and is described best by him as “restrained elegance with a bit of a bite”. Certainly, an oldie but a goodie.

  1. El Futuro

One of the newest kids on our coffee block is the El Futuro blend. This blend is brought to you, courtesy of a world-wide collaboration with both leading and emerging coffee growers. It’s elegant, it’s delicious and most of all it’s sustainably grown.

  1. Don Pachi Geisha

From high up in Panama’s Boquete mountains (1600m above sea level to be exact) this creamy bodied blend will have any coffee-lover reeling with excitement if this was in their gift bags. Fruit flavours of blackberry jam, cherry and jasmine will explode in your mouth when you drink this rich coffee blend.






  1. Coffee Subscription.

Overwhelmed by choice? Not sure which best gift to choose? Look no further than a Toby’s Estates coffee subscription, and ensure that your ‘giftee’ never runs out of coffee again. Our coffee subscription allows the subscriber to choose from their favourite blends and have it shipped to their door with just the click of a button. They can also be daring and choose from the Roaster’s pick of the week, which is a great way to discover new flavours and blends. Toby’s also has Espresso blends, which offers the best espresso roasts full of flavour, punch and richness.

  1. Toby’s Estate Gift Card.

Our online gift vouchers are the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest who may be far away. Or for that person you just don’t know what to buy for. Toby’s Estates gift vouchers comes in a range of values from $25 – $1000 and are valid for a year from purchase. Simply fill in the details of the recipient online here and the gift card will be mailed to them, no fuss. You’ll be giving your family or friend the ability to buy anything from Toby’s Estates online store, allowing them to choose their own perfect coffee-inspired gift.

Buying a gift for a coffee-enthusiast has never been easier thanks to Toby’s Estates. We’re passionate about all things coffee, get to our online store today