Behind the Panama Coffee Scene with Toby’s Estate

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You may have already read parts of our recent trip to Panama for the 2014 coffee harvest, but I have been working behind the scenes to pull together a short video to give you a truly rich Panama coffee experience.

For ten days, the Toby’s Estate Australia and Singapore team camped out at Toby’s farm in Chiriqui province, Finca Santa Teresa. As you’ll see in the short clip, we spent our days getting our hands dirty and climbing the hills to help with the harvest. We stayed up late processing the coffee at the mill and hours in the lab were spent roasting, cupping and evaluating coffee samples. All of this hard work culminated in the creation of our exclusive La Trinidad Blend, which is the marriage of our best washed, honey and natural lots.

Toby also indulged his passion for experimentation by having the team harvest and process coffee to create our own traditionally washed micro lot.

Join us here, to come behind the scenes on our Panama coffee adventure.  Be sure to stay tuned as I am working on a mini video series covering each aspect of our work, capturing the passion and hard work that goes into bringing our Toby’s Estate coffee from our farm to your cup.


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