How to Brew Coffee using an Aeropress - A Beginner's Guide

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Hi Guys,

So we introduced you to the basics of brewing coffee using a Chemex and today we’re going to show you how simple it is to brew coffee using the Aeropress.

Aeropress is a popular choice for brewing coffee as it’s quick, simple and easy to transport.

Paul and I have put this short video together to walk you through the basic steps on how to brew your coffee using the Aeropress.

What you will need:

The steps to brewing your coffee using the Aeropress:

  1. Weigh out 20g of coffee. Dose is a personal preference when it comes to Aeropress, but I personally stick to 20g of coffee.
  2. Pour the beans into your grinder and set the grinder to medium.  Hold off grinding the beans for now! It’s always best to grind the coffee beans just before pouring the coffee.
  3. Place the filter paper into the Aeropress holder and pour hot water over the paper. This will eliminate the paper taste of the filters.
  4. Lock the holder into the base of the Aeropress.
  5. Now is the time to grind your coffee beans. Make sure it is set to a medium grind so the coffee will be a similar consistency to coarse sand.
  6. Tip the ground coffee into the top of the Aeropress and simply pour the water in and let it brew for approximately 2 minutes. Don’t worry about the blooming process. Blooming is more suited to Chemex.
  7. Position the plunger on top of the Aeropress and then place the Aeropress on top of a strong cup or Chemex. Press steadily on top of the plunger and push the coffee through. It will take about 20 seconds to push the coffee through the filter and the pressure will enhance the extraction.
  8. Finally enjoy!