Toby's Estate x Brisbane Brewing Co.

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Imagine tasting this – the sweet and summery tones of our Ethiopian Guji Sasaba coffee perfectly combined with the dark, earthy elements of a foreign extra stout from Brisbane Brewing Co.

While the brewing of beer and coffee together isn’t new, head brewer, Simeon Bonetti and Toby’s Estate, Sam Bain, wanted to challenge the old combination of pairing a robust coffee with an equally robust beer.

As such, the Toby’s Estate x Brisbane Brewing Co collaboration was forged.

After countless hours of co-creating and taste testing, the boys found the perfect interplay between the refined and delicate nature of our Guji Sasaba filter coffee, with the impactful elements of the foreign extra stout.

The result?

A carefully curated boutique beer, aptly named ‘Shot in the Dark’ was born.

Shot in the Dark will be available to the Brisbane public for a limited time from the 15th of October.