• 10 Awesome Gifts for Coffee Lovers

    Have a coffee-obsessed member of the family who loves anything and everything to do with coffee? Or a friend who can recite the exact origins of every coffee bean on the planet? In other words, are you having to buy for a complete coffee-enthusiast? Well, stress no more because buying a gift for them has never been easier, thanks to our list of the 10 best gifts for coffee lovers.

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  • Introducing the Gitesi Project

    While coffee and cows isn’t exactly the most obvious pairing, we’re teaming up with the Gitesi Project to do exactly that.

    The Gitesi Project raises much needed funds to purchase cows for small coffee farmers in the Gitesi community in Rwanda, to provide their families with milk for nourishment and sale, as well as organic fertiliser for their crops.

    We only have 60kg of beautiful coffee from the Gitesi region on offer, and with 100% of proceeds from every bag sold going directly to the Project, this a not just a ‘charity coffee.’

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  • Help Las Nubes Daycare Centre in Guatemala

    Since 2015, we have had the privilege of supporting the Las Nubes Daycare Centre in the coffee growing community of Acatenango, Guatemala.

    With every Knowledge Talks event we’ve held, we have donated all of the ticket proceeds to the Daycare Centre in an effort to provide enough funds for student meals, education materials, medical supplies and teachers.

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  • The origin story behind our special release Ananias Silvestre coffee.

    Origin story told by Bill Ballard; Green Bean Buyer.

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  • Toby's Estate harvest in action

    Hi All,

    A few weeks ago on the blog we ventured to Toby’s Smith’s Farm, Finca Santa Teresa, for a truly rich Panama coffee experience. I mentioned in my previous post that I was working on a multi-part video series to capture the passion and hard work that goes into bringing our Toby’s Estate coffee from the farm to your cup.

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  • Behind the Panama Coffee Scene with Toby’s Estate

    You may have already read parts of our recent trip to Panama for the 2014 coffee harvest, but I have been working behind the scenes to pull together a short video to give you a truly rich Panama coffee experience.

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  • My Passion is Sourcing Incredible Coffee

    Here is a personal note from Paul Golding our Green Bean Buyer about his recent trip to Toby’s Farm, Finca Santa Teresa.

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  • India

    I’m not ordinarily big on bright gold and purple trousers but when in Coorg, do as the Coorgs do. Nithya, my friend whose wedding I’m in India to celebrate trades coffee beans in Australia. His was a traditionally arranged marriage, but the wedding is in true Coorg style and I’m determined to look the part.

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  • My Experience at Toby's Coffee Farm in Panama by Bill Ballard

    Here is a personal note from one of our dedicated Roasters, Billy Ballard about his recent trip to Toby’s Farm, Finca Santa Teresa.

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  • Yemen

    Ghotul Akbar Nooruddin Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili is the man who first bought coffee to the western world, but the guy who picks usp from the airport gives his name as ‘Jack’ then takes us to the hotel without speaking.

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  • Ethiopia

    The landscape is flat, the road is flat, the flatness stretches out forever and beyond. The only change in the landscape was colour, with brown moving to a light ochre, then opening up to a palette of red and green. The verdant hills are held up by the rich, red topsoil, all set off by a backdrop of impossibly blue sky.

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  • Panama

    1560 metres up, overlooking the pristine cooling rainforest punctuated by giant up-flung trees sits Finca Santa Teresa, the farm I’ve dreamed of having since I got into the coffee game. It’s great to be handed a bag of green beans, to roast them, grind them and so on. But being able to grow the fruit ourselves, to have a hand in that process, it’s another world.

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