Espresso Rico. Celebrating 20 years of Toby's first blend.

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 Espresso Rico Evolve.

“Miles’s music appeals to the vulnerable side of people. His music speaks to the solitary person inside each of us, and it soothes us in knowing that we all feel alone. But on the other hand, he swings. And this combination of two opposite things… Put them together and that’s a cocktail that’s irresistible.”

Wynton Marsalis on Miles Davis

So, while we’re a little bit hazy on some things in our past, we do know (almost for certain) that our most impactful blend, Espresso Rico is turning 20 this year.

It was Toby’s first blend, created in his mum’s Woolloomooloo garage, and while it’s an oldie, it’s still a goodie. And we’ve found a way to make it even better.

Welcome to Espresso Rico Evolve.

Our roaster Chris likens it to discovering the music of Miles Davis – restrained elegance with a bit of bite.

It’s a coffee created for the espresso drinker who likes the sweeter notes. It dances between refinement, structure and punch. It does its job; with soul, distinction and a little bit of sass.

While the formula behind Espresso Rico remains unchanged, our industry, technology, baristas and customers have evolved and so too has our approach to working with this classic blend.
Our updated approach unleashes flavours of berries, peach and toffee, producing a brew that comes out swinging then leads to you a place of quiet contemplation.

To help you hit all of these incredible flavour notes, we’ve created a guide to get you started with Espresso Rico Evolve. It’s designed to help you experience this coffee at its full potential.
If you’ve been drinking Espresso Rico since its inception and love its sparkling acidity, great viscosity and classic flavours then simply keep working with it the same way you always have.

But if you want a more flavour focused espresso, balanced by a citric acidity which transitions to a refined yet complete finish, then use our guide as your base, get behind the machine and start slingin’ shots.


Age is a big factor with coffee so here’s a quick overview of what to expect as your Espresso Rico Evolve ages:

4-10 days:
If acidity is your thing, then we recommend working with Espresso Rico Evolve between 4 and 10 days after roasting.

7-10 days:
In the 7-10 day range, you’ll start to unlock an amazing flavour forward coffee which is perfectly balanced with a hit of sweetness.

12-18 days:
If you’re looking for a rich syrupy coffee with the acidity dialled down a touch, we recommend usage at 12-18 days.
These are all just recommendations and we’ll leave it up to you to find your sweet spot with one of our favourites, we think it goes great both in milk and as espresso.


If you’re looking for a more pronounced flavour in your milk coffee, increase your dose by 1 gram (ground coffee in your portafilter) while keeping all the other parameters the same e.g pre-extraction time, shot time and yield.
We hope you love Espresso Rico Evolve, just as much as we have loved working with it in this new way. It’s truly a coffee for the ages.

“His sound becomes really clear; his direction is clear. Playing the long lines with the beautiful sound, always with that sense of swing — because he always could really swing.”

— Wynton Marsalis