How to ensure freshness with every cup.

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Here are some tips on how to make sure your coffee always remains fresh and tasting its very best.
No one wants to drink a bad coffee, right?

Why is the coffee flavour different with every cup?

There are a number of different variables that influence how incredible a great specialty coffee can be. Varietal, origin, rainfall, correct harvesting, processing, drying, roasting, blending and freshness are all key in creating a great coffee. Along this long list of elements the consistent thing is the people. From a farmer to roaster to finally how you like to make your coffee has a big influence on the finished aroma and flavour. Coffee, depending on the roast colour and the way we make it can look and taste very different. Lighter roast colours are preferred for Chemex, Siphon, Aeropress and Steampunk and the darker colours are more suited to Espresso.

How long will my coffee beans last before I need to drink it?

The best way to think of buying coffee is to think of it like bread. Buy small amounts once a week/fortnight, this will ensure you are always grinding fresh coffee to enjoy. Coffee is a product that needs to be fresh to truly enjoy some of the intricate aromas and flavours. For lighter roasts, for brew methods the fresher the better, however espresso is quite personal for most people. Drinking espresso coffee too fresh is not ideal, coffee for espresso needs to ‘rest’ or ‘mature’ in the bag. The best window for freshness for espresso is between 10 days and before 28 days. After 28 days the coffee will start to become dull and it will be lacking all of its positive attributes.

My coffee sometimes tastes bitter, why?

Bitterness in coffee is something that will always be there in an espresso roast. There are different types of bitterness, one is  a slight subtle bitterness that is pleasant and then there is astringency which is unpleasant.
Many people when tasting coffee can confuse the bitterness with acidity. The number one area where bitterness can have a very negative impact on the coffee is where the coffee grinder and the coffee machine are unclean. All of the beautiful aroma’s, flavours and body of espresso are from the oils in the coffee. When the grinder and machine are slightly dirty this where the coffee oil within the equipment becomes rancid. Rancidity is the breakdown of fats or lipids when in coffee can lead to undesirable aromas and bitter flavours.
The best machine/grinder is ……a nice clean one!

What is the best storage solution for coffee beans so they stay fresh?

Light, heat and oxygen are the three major elements that effect coffee. The best method is to buy small amounts frequently and then store the coffee in an air tight container in a cool, dry and dark place. Coffee is very hydroscopic, which means that it absorbs aroma’s. It is also a good tip to not place your coffee next to anything with a powerful aroma.

Blog by Ryan Spinoglio, Quality Assurance and Training Manager.