Introducing the new Kalita range.

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We’re taking your filter experience to the next level with Kalita. Allow us to introduce to you our latest range of Kalita products, designed to make your life easier and coffee drinking smoother.

Kalita trio 2

Kalita Wave Dripper – White Ceramic 185ml

The Kalita Wave is a great introduction for new filter coffee brewers and a great addition for experienced brewers.

The Kalita Wave features a flat-bottomed brew bed with three triangulated holes for even and fluid extraction.

The design of this filter brewer aims to reduce the unpredictability in brewing variables and helps to produce consistently great coffee almost every time!

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White Ceramic not your style? Not to worry – we also have the Kalita Wave Dripper in Stainless Steel in two sizes; 155ml & 185ml.

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To complete your Kalita Wave experience, we also offer the Kalita Wave Filter Papers for both 155ml & 185ml.

The Kalita Wave filters are designed to sit suspended above the bottom of the dripper while increasing temperatures stability by keeping most water contact away from the outer wall of the dripper.  With 100 papers per pack, you will be seriously well equipped to brew for the days ahead.

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We’re so excited about this little number – the Kalita Coffee Mill KH-3 is bringing retro back!

This retro-style hand grinder is made from iron and polished wood and not only allows you to reminisce of old-style coffee and spice mills, but also brings theater back to grinding coffee.

The KH-3 houses adjustable wrought iron burrs that allows you to grind for a number of different grind styles from plunger right through to espresso.

The height of this grinder is 210mm, the iron hopper holds 35g and the wooden grounds receiver holds 55g.

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kantan drip 2

Wanting to simply your filter experience right down? Then the Kantan Drip is for you!

“KANTAN” means “easy” in Japanese, and these little single-cup single-use drippers live up to their name.

The Kantan Drip allows you to make quality filter coffee wherever you have ground coffee, a cup and some hot water! It’s that simple!

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