July coffee line up

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There’s an amazing line up of espresso and filter single origin coffees as part of our rotation for you to try this month! Read more below from our Roaster, Lachie, and shop each of the coffees.


Colombia La Granada
Juniper Berry
is a key ingredient in flavouring gin, and is also a key flavour in this coffee. Honeydew and toffee apple provide a pleasant sweetness to the cup. A syrupy body creates a great mouthfeel and a snappy finish completes the event. La Granada will blow you away (La Granada means ‘The Grenade’!)

Ethiopia Oromia
Oromia is a classic Ethiopian coffee. Prominent upfront flavours of blueberry and coconut are highlighted by the citrus peel like acidity. A round body and crisp finish will have you shouting ‘Encore’ and ‘Bravo’ and other things people say in the theatre!

Costa Rica El Pilon
Soft, subtle notes of jasmine and tangerine can be found up front, rounded out with raspberry milkshake which makes the interesting level sky rocket! This also ties in perfectly well with the creamy body and today’s your lucky day, because thanks to the lingering finish, you’ll still be enjoying the goodness once the coffee is gone.


Mexico Finca Chelin
Sorry tea, but biscuit has moved on, and no longer wants to be associated with you. With underlying fruit notes of nectarine and green mango, pairing with a light body and crisp finish, this really is an exotic cup of coffee.

Nicaragua Los Ponces
It’s always strawberries and nutella, strawberries and nutella, strawberries and nutella. It’s time to try something new. Flavours of plum and orange combine with nutella to create a round body and rich finish.

Kenya Kianderi
grapefruit acidity sets this flawless number up to knock you down…………..to flavour town. Redcurrant and honey combine with a vibrancy that is just all class.

Brazil Daterra
With flavours of pineapple and cognac, this coffee is the perfect day starter or that evening sipper.

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