June coffee line up

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There’s an amazing line up of espresso and filter single origin coffees as part of our rotation for you to try this month! Read more below from our Roaster, Lachie, and shop each of the coffees.


Kenya Ndaro-Ini AB
I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve struggled to pronounce some coffee names, we all have, the good thing about this Kenyan, is you won’t struggle to enjoy it. Explosive flavours of lime and blackberry are immediately noticeable, before mellowing into softer, sweeter notes of marzipan. A fantastically juicy body and the soft finish, will surely remove all your struggles.

Guatemala Los Aguacatones
We all know that one person who doesn’t like coffee because it’s too bitter. We’ve pleaded with them, tried to persuade them, prayed for their eyes to be opened. My friends, your prayers have been answered. Boasting bold flavours of caramel should surely be enough to win them over right? No!? Good thing there’s more. Accompanied with notes of cherry and milk chocolate with a velvety body, if they’re not converted yet, the lingering finish will hang around long enough to convince them.

El Salvador Santa Margarita
Toffee apple and malt speak volumes in this beverage, accompanied with a consistent lime like acidity throughout the cup. The flavours pair incredibly well with a syrupy body, and they all combine to leave a long lingering finish.


Kenya Muchagara
Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables? It doesn’t matter, because just like this coffee, they taste great. Speaking of fruits, blackcurrant and lemon aren’t to be outshined. With a smooth body, and crisp finish, you’ll be drinking mucho Muchagara.

Ethiopia Kercha
Immediate notes of apricot wash around the mouth, before soothing into more floral hibiscus notes, with a spritely lime flavour sprinkled throughout. The silky body going hand in hand with a refreshing finish to complete the cup.

Costa Rica El Greco
I honestly don’t know what’s more consistent. Me not going to the gym, or the flavour of apple throughout the cup. When it’s hot, the flavours are brighter, and sharper, with notes of raspberry and as the beverage cools, it becomes softer, and more like hazelnut. The consistency of apple, as other flavours change throughout, paired with a jammy body, make for a real complex finish.

Colombia El Naranjal
I get it, we’re all busy, and if we all had the time to read the tasting notes on the bag, then we could probably build Rome in a day. Good thing you only have to read the name of the coffee…and probably learn Spanish! The name of this coffee translates to ‘The Orange’ for good reason. It’s the flavour that can be found throughout the cup. Pairing with flavours of honey which brings with it a syrupy body, and notes of jasmine shining in the sparkling finish.

Toby’s Estate Roaster