Coffee line-up...not your usual suspects

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Welcome to our top pick coffees for June. We have something for everyone, espresso drinkers get ready and filter gamers get excited!

Espresso Coffee

Let’s start this monthly rotation off with a bang! June sees us craving a more delicate espresso. So welcome, the Ethiopia Allona (Grade 1) A delicate washed coffee with beautiful, juicy acidity and notes of green tea, lemongrass and apricot. Definitely one for the sophisticated coffee drinker.

The Rwanda Kigali sits on the other side of the spectrum. Due to its honey processing method (red honey to be precise), the rich, velvety body is the highlight of this coffee. This is complimented with flavours of prunes, sultanas and a molasses-like sweetness. A great choice if you want a coffee that packs a little more punch.

The Roasters’ pick and a coffee we are all crazily excited about – the Sulawesi Toarco Jaya. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Sulawesi? Really? The short answer is YES. The long answer is YEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!! This is a stunner of a coffee, and like no other Sulawesi we’ve ever tasted. This is one amazingly structured coffee. Notes of caramel, citrus peel and green tea along with a silky, rounded body and astonishingly clean finish bring this coffee together, topped off with a sparkle unlike anything you’ve experienced from Indonesia, let alone Sulawesi.

Filter Coffee

On the filter side, we have a double washed Kenyan from Kapsakisio. This is a really clean, classic, bright coffee. Standout juicy acidity, notes of apple, green grapes and lime and a crisp finish will have filter fans frothing. Roasters have a soft spot for a good Kenyan, and this is no exception!

Maybe the most interesting offering is the natural processed Colombian Finca Varsovia. This is the first time we have received natural processed coffees from Colombia, so be prepared for something different!

Not only do the above origins cover a lot of processing ground, they also represent an amazing spread of varieties.

Team Toby’s