Help Las Nubes Daycare Centre in Guatemala

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Since 2015, we have had the privilege of supporting the Las Nubes Daycare Centre in the coffee growing community of Acatenango, Guatemala.

With every Knowledge Talks event we’ve held, we have donated all of the ticket proceeds to the Daycare Centre in an effort to provide enough funds for student meals, education materials, medical supplies and teachers.

During a recent chat to our friend, coffee grower and director of Las Nubes Daycare Centre, Anabella, we were saddened to hear that the Centre may not be able to operate past February 2017 due to a lack of financial support.

To be totally transparent…the Centre requires over $38,000 USD to continue to operate for 12 months.

This is such a vital service, as the Centre provides support for over 40 of the most vulnerable children in this coffee growing region. These children are from families that live on less than $1 per person, per day and only have access to seasonal work in agriculture which doesn’t provide enough income for the entire year. The majority of the children who attend the Centre only eat one or maybe two meals a day, which consists largely of rice, beans and vegetables.

On a daily basis, the Centre provides nutritious meals, medical supervision and education to 31 girls and 19 boys. It allows mothers to continue working by providing a safe place for their children to learn, play and finish their homework. In Acatenango, only 37% of children go on to complete their first years of secondary school. Basically, when a child in this region reaches eight years old, they are regularly expected to help their families earn a living from coffee rather than continuing with their schooling.

The Centre also provides support to the parents through talks and public workshops on topics such as health, nutrition and the environment.

The Las Nubes Daycare Centre’s mission is to create a better future for these children and their families. By helping the region’s most vulnerable children with their school work, incorporating activities that increase self-esteem for both the children and parents and creating an environment where education is embedded in the community, the centre helps create opportunities for the children to improve their future prospects.

Here at Toby’s we’re kicking our own fundraising efforts up a notch. We’re currently selling tickets for our next Knowledge Talks with all the ticket proceeds going towards the Centre. If you would like to join us click here.

Also, we have committed an extra $5000 on top of the ticket sales. On the night of each Knowledge Talks event we will be selling some cool shirts with proceeds from the sales also contributing to the Centre.

We’re still in the process of cooking up more fundraising ideas, but in the meantime, if you would like to donate please click here. Your support means the world to Anabella, Ann who helps run the Centre and of course the kids!

Click here to donate.

Cheers and talk soon,

Team Toby’s