Meet Nich, one of our Roasters.

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If you’ve ever peered out the back window through to our Roastery, you may have seen a tall dude rocking the top knot, an enviable beard and killer dance moves.


His name you ask?
Nich…with an ‘h.’ It’s just how he rolls, so here’s a quick insider scoop to Roaster Nich!

Who has the best and worst playlists in the Roastery?

The roasters have the best playlists. The worst is Meredith (our Communications chic).

Your favourite type of music to roast coffee to?
Trap and RnB.

Worst habit non Toby’s Estate baristas have when making coffee?
Tamping too many times.

How do you like to drink your coffee?
With a view.

Three best tricks and tips customers can do to get the most out of their morning coffee?
1. Don’t set the bar at an unattainable height it’s just coffee.
2. Enjoy the experience not just the coffee. Take everything in, from the café’s music, vibe and staff.
3. If the baristas head is down it’s a good sign not a bad one.

The thing you miss the most about being behind the machine daily?
The relationships you build with the customers and also the constant test of your ability.

The one thing you love the most about being a roaster?
You’re always learning and drinking coffee.