Our Mexican Underdog coffees have arrived!

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We’ll be showcasing three espresso Mexican coffees from the same farm, Finca Chelin, all processed using a different method. Read up about the different processing methods and learn more about our Mexican Underdogs below. Get in quick as we only have a limited amount available of these Mexicans!

Processing Methods

First up, we have the Mexico Finca Chelin (Black Honey Anaerobic). This processing method begins with 2 nights of fermentation in cherry. This is twice as long as the other two Mexican offerings. It is pulped the next day with all mucilage and taken to the yard to begin its direct sun drying for 2 days. From the third day, the cherries are dried with a mesh of 50% shade for approximately 25 days. The effect is a distinct syrupy body, clarity around flavours and structure as well as a great citrus acidity.

The Mexico Finca Chelin (with Yeast & Vitamins) starts out with 24 hours of anaerobic fermentation in cherry. The cherries are then pulped and fermented with turbo yeast and vitamin for approximately 28 hours, then washed and taken for direct sun drying for 2 days. From the third day, the cherries are dried with a mesh of 50% shade for approximately 25 days. The addition of yeast and vitamin is what contributes to its complex finish, fantastic aromas, strong flavours and beautifully delicate body. This is our Roasters favourite and is also available for the month as a filter offering.

Or give the Mexico Finca Chelin (with Yeast & extra Mucilage) a try. The cherry is fermented for 24 hours, then pulped and fermented with turbo yeast and vitamin that measures 6 brix (a measure of sugar content) at approximately 34 hours. It’s then washed and taken for direct sun drying for 2 days. From the third day it is dried with a mesh of 50% shade. The extra fermentation is what contributes to the coffees interesting flavours of malt, hops and pomegranate.


About Mexican Coffee

While not known as a specialty coffee power player, Mexican coffee is making a comeback and we’re bringing it to you as part of our latest Underdog Series offering.

For this round we’ve worked with Enrique Lopez, owner of Finca Chelin farm in Oaxaca, Mexico. Enrique’s farm is known for producing exceptionally high-quality coffee grown in an environmentally friendly manner as his farm is a certified carbon neutral farm. Enrique himself, is known as an innovator, risk taker and a champion for pushing the local specialty coffee scene into a more sustainable direction.

Mexican coffees are predominately characterised as mild in flavour, light to medium in body and based in the nut and chocolate based flavour spectrum with mild citric acid. Combine this profile with its generally low price and you can understand why Mexican coffees are commonly used as a flavour base in blends.

Over the past five years, Mexico has been affected by climatic conditions and the likes of coffee leaf rust as well as limited access to new technologies and research. However, today, Mexican coffee has developed to include extremely interesting and complex profiles thanks to the efforts of farmers such as Enrique. Enrique has adopted improved practices and experimented with new varietals, lot separation and experimental and controlled processing methods, coupled with a focus on sustainable quality and consistency.

Currently growing over 20 different varieties on his farm, Enrique is also pioneering processing techniques as he continually experiments with fermentation, washing, and drying methods while making deliberate choices on the farm and at the mill to affect the profile of his coffee. In 2015 he set up IINOVACAFE, a research and innovation centre to ensure the future of the industry in the region. The centre works with 16 communities across three regions of Oaxaca to help 400 smallholder farmers improve coffee quality, and yields and reinvigorate the coffee industry by promoting quality and environmental sustainability.


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