Our Origin Travels - Ecuador

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Charlotte, our Green Bean Buyer, and Danny, our Roaster, recently visited Verena Blaser and Henry Gaibor in Finca Maputo as part of their origin travels. Read more from Charlotte below to see what they’ve been up to!

Hi everyone!

We’ve landed in Colombia after spending a few days in Finca Maputo, with Verena Blaser and Henry Gaibor.

Verena and Henry worked for Doctors Without Borders in Africa, Henry as a surgeon and Verena as a midwife. This experience has made them committed coffee producers with precision. In 1998 the couple returned to Ecuador where they created and managed their own clinic for more than a decade.

Their farm is located in the region of La Perla, close to the little town Nanegal (north of the country) and very close to the Colombian border in the Pichincha Province. This area has a unique microclimate – humidity is high, and mist usually covers the coffee fields in the afternoon. Temperatures at night drop significantly.

Verena and Henry are precise and well organised with their coffee production. Every single step from planting, pruning, renewing and fertilising – all the way to picking and processing is methodically thought out and managed. The farms are divided into different lots with different varieties (Typica, SL28, Sidra, Bourbon, Caturra, Hybrid 7-8-9).

Finca Maputo is Henry and Verena’s main farm and where they wet mill is located, but they also have different parcels like Hakuna Matata, a neighbouring farm to Finca Maputo that they recently acquired. They have been diversifying their fields a lot, with different fruit trees and spices. This unique microclimate with outstanding care of the field and an incredible focus on processing makes the most elegant coffee ever cupped. 

My forever favourite remains their Washed Typica which is vibrant, citric and refreshing.  

Charlotte, Green Bean Buyer