Rhys Kulibab - QLD Espresso School Trainer

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Hear from Rhys our QLD Trainer about what coffee means to him and where his passion for the bean began.

“COFFEE, I fell in love with the Espresso machine when I had just started working as an apprentice chef at age 15. It’s the smell of coffee that wakes up my brain, my mouth, my nose and my heart. It’s exactly the same with the taste, the aroma, the sweetness, the spices, the fruits, the acids, All different but all amazing and have their own story.. I am now 30 and have not stepped away from a group handle since.

Each day I see people from beginners to advanced to professional and it’s that one tip or piece of advice that I can give, that makes a person say “ahhhhhhhh, now I get it” “that makes so much sense”. And then to see the smile on their face, the look of excitement to get back to work behind their own machine and keep taking it to the next level is what makes my job so rewarding.

My #1 Tip – Smell the coffee, Feel the coffee, Make the coffee, Drink the coffee, Be The Coffee. That’s the coffee LOVE.

Our Brisbane training school is located in our Albert Street cafe and offers all levels of training, 1-5 and also rolling out a Brew Methods course very soon. Open to the public and to all levels of industry experience from beginners to experts, we can tailor and specialise training for all individual needs”.

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Rhys Kulibab, QLD Trainer.