September coffee line up

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There’s an amazing line up of espresso and filter single origin coffees as part of our rotation for you to try this month! Read more below from our Roaster, Lachlan, and shop each of the coffees.


El Salvador Matalapa
If you’re unsure of what lemon myrtle is, I had to google it myself so don’t worry. Perhaps you know it by its scientific name “Backhousia citriodora”. Either way, you’ll know it after this experience. The citrus-like characteristics are accompanied by a freshness only found in spring. This delightfulness is paired with almonds and milk chocolate, complimented by a silky smooth body. All of these attributes culminate to end with a refreshing finish. A perfect choice to help you welcome in Spring!

Ethiopia Sidamo Nansebo
Having a 2 year old niece I’ve heard enough Wiggles to last a lifetime. Although there’s no mention of any of these fruits, I’m fairly positive if you ask the Wiggles, they can confirm that when they sing Fruit Salad, they’re actually singing about this coffee. I don’t even really need to list the flavour notes, just look for a fruit bowl. However, strong notes of blueberry can be found throughout the whole cup, from start to finish, with the sharpness of raspberry cutting through. With an orange like acidity, it just makes sense that the body ends up being juicy. A nice crisp finish will make sure Lachy (or Jeff if you’re a purist) does not need waking up anymore.

Nicaragua Santa Maria De Lourdes
I thought about copy and pasting the Christmas direction from the Guatemala filter, but I feel like you’ve all come to expect a higher level of professionalism from me, so; although not often considered to be a spice, one quick google search told me that the seed of a cocoa tree can be. So I’m running with it. Sugar, spice and everything nice! That’s what Santa Ana is made of! Fruity flavours of green grape and mango swirl together with hints of cocoa popping in and out throughout the cup. A spectacularly syrupy body defines the cup, and I think Def Leppard explains the finish perfectly “I’m hot, sticky, sweet‘.


Myanmar Mya Ze Di
Up until this point the only thing I thought Jaffas were good for, were being thrown in the bin! But now that my eyes have been opened to the glories that can be of the pairing of orange and chocolate I’m happy to give them another go. Now imagine we are having these Jaffas with a beautiful glass of red, it’s syrupy and with flavour full of cherry and of course, has that classic winey finish…..a classic winter’s night. It’s time to turn that PM treat into an AM feast.

Guatemala Santa Felisa
You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why. Santa Felisa is coming to town! Christmas has come early! Christmas lunch is finished, a forgotten plate of nibblies sits in the sun, crumbs of cheese, and some green grapes are all that remains. The cake is brought out, with a sprinkling of almonds on top and when it’s cut into, butterscotch oozes out, leaving a smooth trail of deliciousness. All that healthy eating from earlier in the year is balanced out by all the gorging from today. Rather than calorie count at Christmas let’s just jump into a fat free spro!

El Salvador La Cumbre
When someone feels they’ve achieved a great success, or are particularly stoked on something, they’ll be feeling like they’re on top of the world. When an athlete performs exceptionally well it is said that they are at the top of their game. Clearly, anything related to the top is either the outcome of something good, or will result in something good. Are you catching my drift? Picking up, what I’m putting down? Do you understand the word’s coming outta my mouth? This coffee is both the outcome of something good AND will result in something good! Blackcurrant and red grape explode forth, transitioning into a more caramel like sweetness. The fruitiness of the cup speaks well to the sparkling body and crispy finish.

Colombia El Carizzo
You can’t spell charisma without carizzo. Just trust me on that, and don’t even try. Playing host to a compelling attractiveness of honey and grapefruit with the charm of a blackberry like intensity. The juicy body and complex finish are sure to inspire devotion within you. Now that sounds pretty damn carizzomatic to me.

Lachlan – Toby’s Estate Roaster