The SHIFT has arrived. It's time to challenge your perceptions.

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SHIFT is about challenging your perceptions and changing your coffee experiences by putting all of your senses into play.

For this we require you to move into a higher gear.

This is not the quick and habitual coffee drinking experience one might be accustomed to. These are three curated coffees roasted to engage, push and stretch your senses and what you thought you knew about the coffee you drink on the daily.

So, get your brew gear out, go slow and truly engage with the coffee you’re drinking and just take in what these mysterious three bags of coffee have to offer.

Volume 1 is about to change your perception on Brazilian coffee.


Well, Brazilian coffee isn’t exactly popular in the specialty coffee scene, but after roasting some of the most exquisite coffees from this origin we’ve seen and tasted first-hand what Brazil is capable of.
Historically known for its heavy, robust nature and predominately chocolatey and nutty based flavour profile, Brazilian specialty coffee has come along way and we want to share the potential of excellence that Brazil has to offer.

But having three bags of just Brazilian coffee would be too easy (and a little boring perhaps), and with the nature of the SHIFT game we’re playing we really wanted to flex your expectation and perspective around Brazilian coffee. So, we’ve decided not to tell you which one of the three bags is the Brazilian coffee.

But what we will tell you is that each bag contains a natural processed coffee. They are equally amazing and deserve your time and contemplation.


We’ve set the below recipe as a guide. It’s the starting point for a great filter experience and we recommend using your Kalita.

  • Dose: 15 grams
  • Water amount: 240 grams
  • Grind setting: Medium
  • Pour time: 1.40 min
  • Total extraction time: 2.10 mins