SHIFT Volume 2 has arrived!

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We’re back with SHIFT Volume 2. We’re still here to stretch and test your perceptions of the coffee you 
love to drink on the daily, but this time we’re focusing on roasting.

SHIFT Volume 2

For us at Toby’s Estate, our approach to roasting is personal, passion driven and the defining factor that sets us apart. It’s this strange contrast of learning to trust your senses while honing in on the most relevant aspects that modern roasting technology has to offer.

When you witness and taste these combined factors at play, it’s amazing to see just how the philosophy and applied techniques behind roasting affects the coffee.

Why roasting techniques?

We’ve designed Volume 2 to fire you up.

It’s time for everyone in the coffee game to really 
start questioning  – are we doing enough to honour 
the boundary pushing work the farmers are achieving at origin?

The farmers we’re working with on a daily basis are continually innovating with processing and varietal cultivation, but as an industry are our roasting techniques evolving to get the best out of what these coffees have to offer?

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is simple. Three bags of the same coffee marked with an icon – each roasted to a specific profile to highlight how certain roast techniques affect the end coffee result.

One bag will have a finish temperature of 210°C, one bag will have a finish temperature of 199°C and the final bag will have a finish temperature of 203.5°C, which we think best represents the coffee.

210°C: high acidity, more clarity, cleaner cup and crisp finish
199°C: heavy body, big mouthfeel, lower acid and more intensity
203.5°C: combination of both to best represent the coffee

We want to test your coffee knowledge by asking you a series of questions. The answers will be revealed on the scratch card.

Emilio Lopez Diaz

About the producer

In this volume, our team has roasted coffee from Finca La Cumbre in El Salvador. This farm is owned by our last Knowledge Talks speaker, Emilio Lopez Diaz.

La Cumbre translates to “The Peak” which is fitting for the farm that won El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence in 2018. Emilio runs a vertically-integrated business from seed to cup, with roasting, farming, exporting and importing. With coffee running through his veins Emilio is a sixth generation producer dedicated to the coffee industry and community. We are proud to be working with a coffee producer like Emilio for this volume of SHIFT.

Gather your brew gear and your coffee mates to match the coffee to the roast profile. Then debate, question and plan to push the boundaries of coffee to honour the work of the farmers from a roasting perspective.

Pre-order SHIFT Volume 2 here.