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El Futuro

El Futuro

It’s been part of our DNA since our humble beginnings around 20 years ago; deal as direct as possible with the farmers at origin to ensure they are receiving the best price for their coffees.

The El Futuro blend is our first step towards marrying together our traceability efforts with our sustainability endeavours. Not only have we partnered with farmers in Guatemala, Malawi and Costa Rica whose coffees feature in this blend, but we're also working with them to support and donate directly to sustainable development projects which affect their local communities.

We're not perfect, and we know that this is a small step towards achieving a sustainable future for our coffee growing regions. But for us, El Futuro is about wearing our hearts on our sleeves and committing in a bigger, more relevant way to the coffee growing regions we love and want to continue to collaborate with in the future.

To learn more about El Futuro and the projects we're supporting, visit our blog and download the tasting notes and recipe guide.



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