We’re kicking off our 2017 Knowledge Talks series with Kim Elena Ionescu, talking all things; sustainability, risk, and regeneration and just how we can make coffee better. As the Chief Sustainability Officer of the Specialty Coffee Association, Kim will present on sustainability innovation across the coffee value chain and lead a discussion of best practices

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Whether you’re a brewing beginner or a deft hand at the dark and magical art of filter coffee brewing, the Kalita Wave is an impressive addition to your coffee brewing collection.


We are kicking off a new season of Knowledge Talks with none other than Greg Scace – master of controlled calibration and the creator of the Scace Device. Once the brewing button is pressed, a miracle occurs. Within seconds, ground coffee becomes a liquid taste sensation! How did that happen?

5 Incredible Myths Of Coffee Freshness Revealed

Recently we held our first Knowledge Talks event featuring the Professor of Coffee, Professor Chahan Yeretzian, who spoke on the art and science of measuring coffee freshness. While on our shores, he sat down with the founder and editor of Jordan Michelman, to talk debunk 5 myths surrounding coffee and the art of measuring

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Want to master the art of the alternate brew?

Looking to experience and see your coffee through a new light? Our Alternate Brew Method classes shine the spotlight on the increasingly popular brew methods including the Chemex, Aeropress, Siphon and V60.

Espresso School Trainer, Tom Hespe’s take on why teaching is its own reward.

Teaching is its own reward. In my many years as a barista trainer I have never really tired of the process. It’s simple; new names on a list every morning. You never know who is going to join the next class. No doubt this would terrify some people, bore the hell out of others. Me?

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How to Brew Coffee using an Aeropress – A Beginner’s Guide

Hi Guys, So we introduced you to the basics of brewing coffee using a Chemex and today we’re going to show you how simple it is to brew coffee using the Aeropress.

How to Brew Coffee using Chemex – A Beginners Guide.

Hi Guys, Today I’m going to introduce to you one of my favourite methods to brew coffee. The Chemex is an old school way of producing a great cup of coffee, as it really draws out all of the complexity and subtlety of our high grade, specialty light roasts. We put this short video together

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A guide to choosing the best café and barista for your coffee

If Tom Hespe taught high school he’d be the cool teacher; the one the boys wanted to hang with and the girls giggled about. He plays in a band, wears understated yet edgy shirts with slim cut jeans and is deeply serious about coffee. As the senior trainer for Toby’s Estate espresso school, Tom’s role is

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