The origin story behind our special release Ananias Silvestre coffee.

Origin story told by Bill Ballard; Green Bean Buyer.

Honey processing – what is ‘semi dark’ honey processing?

This year we have been fortunate enough to feature two beautiful micro lots from Nicaragua, Lot1945 El Bosque and Lot1850 La Cascada, both processed using the semi-dark honey process method.

How to Brew Coffee using an Aeropress – A Beginner’s Guide

Hi Guys, So we introduced you to the basics of brewing coffee using a Chemex and today we’re going to show you how simple it is to brew coffee using the Aeropress.

How to Brew Coffee using Chemex – A Beginners Guide.

Hi Guys, Today I’m going to introduce to you one of my favourite methods to brew coffee. The Chemex is an old school way of producing a great cup of coffee, as it really draws out all of the complexity and subtlety of our high grade, specialty light roasts. We put this short video together

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My Experience at Toby’s Coffee Farm in Panama by Bill Ballard

“So how can I begin to tell you about Panama? This country has unbelievable scenery, great weather, impeccably good coffee, beautiful women, and fantastic Rum. No wonder why Toby brought us here. The only problem is, it’s so far away.
But believe me; the journey was well worth it.