My Passion is Sourcing Incredible Coffee

“So how can I begin to tell you about Panama? This country has unbelievable scenery, great weather, impeccably good coffee, beautiful women, and fantastic Rum. No wonder why Toby brought us here. The only problem is, it’s so far away.
But believe me; the journey was well worth it.

The Story of Finca Santa Teresa. Yes, Toby’s Estate Does Exist!

The idea that Toby Smith was once on the fast-track to becoming a lawyer is incongruous. As he inhales the steam wreathing upwards from a small bowl, it’s hard to imagine Toby wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase. Watching him sip coffee, expertly analysing the roast, there’s no doubt the coffee world won

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The landscape is flat, the road is flat, the flatness stretches out forever and beyond. The only change in the landscape was colour, with brown moving to a light ochre, then opening up to a palette of red and green. The verdant hills are held up by the rich, red topsoil, all set off by

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1560 metres up, overlooking the pristine cooling rainforest punctuated by giant up-flung trees sits Finca Santa Teresa, the farm I’ve dreamed of having since I got into the coffee game. It’s great to be handed a bag of green beans, to roast them, grind them and so on. But being able to grow the fruit

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