Espresso School Corporate Classes and Team Building

Let us host your next meeting at the Toby’s Estate Espresso School in an informal and open environment that will inspire creation, collaboration and play. We all know that when you take your team out of their regular environment, it makes it much easier to focus on a specific set of issues and get the

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5 Incredible Myths Of Coffee Freshness Revealed

Recently we held our first Knowledge Talks event featuring the Professor of Coffee, Professor Chahan Yeretzian, who spoke on the art and science of measuring coffee freshness. While on our shores, he sat down with the founder and editor of Jordan Michelman, to talk debunk 5 myths surrounding coffee and the art of measuring

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Want to master the art of the alternate brew?

Looking to experience and see your coffee through a new light? Our Alternate Brew Method classes shine the spotlight on the increasingly popular brew methods including the Chemex, Aeropress, Siphon and V60.

Espresso School Trainer, Tom Hespe’s take on why teaching is its own reward.

Teaching is its own reward. In my many years as a barista trainer I have never really tired of the process. It’s simple; new names on a list every morning. You never know who is going to join the next class. No doubt this would terrify some people, bore the hell out of others. Me?

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The Sign Maker

Down a sharp-edged alley, between looming factories, this doesn’t feel like the place for an artist’s workshop. But tucked away amongst this concrete jungle you’ll find TJ Guzzardi the sign maker, creating traditional, hand-painted signs and art from his studio.

The Blacksmith

Growing up just outside of Townsville in the 1940s, farrier and blacksmith Des Bosworth was always surrounded by horses. “Everyone had horses back in those days,” he says. “I shod my first horse when I was 14 years old – that was about 54 years ago.”

The Bookbinding Toolmaker

When a young Frank Wiesner first came to cabinetmaking as an eager teenager in 1940s Germany, he had no clue that his fledgling career path would later lead him halfway across the globe to regional Queensland, nor that a client’s one-off request for a handmade bookbinding press would someday see them shipped as far and

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Espresso Rico

You’ve heard of garage bands? Well, I was a garage roaster. Which makes Espresso Rico, my first blend, a bit like my debut album.


If this coffee was grown in Broadway instead of just being roasted here, one suspects it would taste quite different. Coffee, like wine, takes its characteristics from the location, and this area has never been a delicate place.


“You really don’t know what you’re doing do you?’” The bloke had walked right into the part of the day I loved the most. Mum had taken her afternoon trip to the bank and I’d jumped on the forbidden coffee machine at last. The question was pitched in a thick Italian accent and wasn’t really

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