What Coffee Means to Me...

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Coffee means something so different to all of us, that is what makes it such a special thing. From how that first sip makes us feel, to how it is enjoyed, to who it is enjoyed with to the type of beans, to the history behind the beans and of course the taste.

Hear from Josh Haidinger, what coffee means to him…

“Coffee isn’t just a delicious beverage, or a means to a caffeine hit. It is a lifestyle, capable of invoking feelings not dissimilar to that of a close loved one.

Whether it be the intoxicating aroma of sweet blueberries like the Ethiopian Djimmah or the rich, spicy & surprisingly savoury flavour of the Indian Monsoon Malabar, there are endless things to discover with each origin.

This is what is so appealing about coffee and this industry. It is ever-changing and there is always something new to be learnt along the way.

Looking back on how far coffee production and knowledge has come in the last ten years is immense, and where it is taking us is a very exciting prospect.”