Our Tea, Chocolate & Chai

Chocolate & Chai

Our delicious drinking chocolate and chocolate coated coffee beans have been created with a combination of Kenyan Peaberry coffee beans and rich dark chocolate. We also offer a range of Chai Me syrups and powders.

Venezuelan Black Gold Drinking Chocolate

A high quality drinking chocolate made from a selection of Ghana and Ivory Coast cocoa and sweetened with fine crystal sugar. The result is a rich, buttery drink with a powerful chocolate flavour and tones of berries, malt and vanilla.

Café Style Drinking Chocolate

A rich chocolate taste perfect for sprinkling. With no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, it has a perfectly balanced mixture of sugar and cocoa powder. Your taste buds will be dancing with a velvety vanilla finish that is truly rich and delicious.

Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

We have created the delightful combination of Kenyan Peaberry coffee beans enveloped in a rich dark chocolate. Ideal as a treat with coffee or to top off a dessert or chocolate pudding.

Chai Syrup

Our Chai Syrup is 100% organic and naturally brewed in Australia. Great in espresso drinks, brewed coffee and tea, granitas, smoothies, desserts and more.

Chai Powder

Blended and milled using a traditional Punjabi recipe, Chai Me only contains what you can grow in your garden. Sourced from Indonesia, Paraguay and Sri Lanka, it is subtly sweet with haunting aromas of smoky spice, Chai Me is nothing short of Chai perfection.

Chai Me Sticky

Fastest growing Chai product with more spice, honey and a richer flavour.


To support our premium coffee offering, we also offer an exquisite range of Fine Select Teas which have each been personally selected by Toby Smith. We have an extensive selection of high quality, full leaf black, green and flavoured teas as well as herbals and fruit infusions which are blended on site at our Chippendale Roastery.

Black Tea

Toby’s Breakfast Blend

Using a traditional recipe, this aromatic full bodied tea combines Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling and China Keemun leaves. Available in loose leaf and tea bag.

Earl Grey

This tea, named because it was the preferred brew of the British Prime Minister, is flavoured with oil from the bergamot orange which produces an intensely aromatic aroma and refreshing taste. Available in loose leaf and tea bag.

Punjabi Chai

Derived from the traditional North Indian street tea, this aromatic blend has the exhilarating addition of fennel and cardamom seeds producing a fresh and spicy taste. Available in loose leaf only.

Green Tea

China Green Sencha

A delightful, special grade tea with honey accents, Sencha is the traditional, daily brew of the    Chinese.  Available in loose leaf and tea bag.

China Jasmine

The fragrance of jasmine blossoms permeates a base of green tea leaves, the resultant tea being sweet and refreshing to taste. Available in tea bag only.

Herbal Tea


A select Egyptian variety of chamomile, this tea has high oil content producing a strong tasting, deep yellow infusion. Available in loose leaf and tea bag.


Whole peppermint leaves, with a high concentration of etheric oils are used in this tea producing a pleasant aroma and strong flavour. Available in loose leaf and tea bag.


A flowerbed of soft chamomile, aromatic hibiscus, rose petals and citrus. Aids relaxation, promotes restful sleep and calms nerves. Available in loose leaf and tea bag.


A blend of peppermint, lemongrass and Chinese green tea yielding an aromatic ginger flavour and leaving a lingering peppermint taste on the palate. Available in loose leaf and tea bag.