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Opening a café in Melbourne was partly an excuse to go and mix it with mates down there, which is what coffee is about. If I wasn’t based in Sydney I’d live in Melbourne in a second. I love how it is street oriented. Bikes, cafés, hanging around – that’s just what you do. We couldn’t wait to get there.

A friend and I climbed in a VW van and did the run down in one day, and got straight into setting up the new café. We trekked around every market to find different bits and pieces to dress the shop. Corrugated iron walls, doors we made into tables, random artifacts. We brought the roaster in and got started. It was a warehouse, a school, a roastery and a café in one.
It was a good moment to be in Brunswick to watch Melbourne turn the coffee tide and see the rise of the local specialty roasters over imports from Italy.

The bean is on a journey, and we’re just tagging along for the ride. We hope this Brunswick blend transports you too.

Toby Smith, Founder

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