October coffee line up

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There’s an amazing line up of espresso and filter single origin coffees as part of our rotation for you to try this month! Read more below from our Roaster, Lachlan, and shop each of the coffees.


Brazil Sitio Das Palmeiras
Whether you like it or not, every year Halloween gains more and more traction in Australia. “He who is resistant to change, is destined to perish”. It’s time to embrace the annual tradition, and what better way than by treating the neighbourhood kids to some Brazil Sitio das Palmeiras! Rather than going to multiple houses for their candy hit they can come to you! With flavours of NOUGAT, PRALINE and COCOA combined with a SYRUPY body, by gum it’ll put your house on the map! The kids will still taste the LINGERING finish into the early hours of the morning as either the scary movies or caffeine keeps them awake!

Guatemala Las Peñas
Addressing the elephant in the room first and foremost, it means “The Miseries” so you can laugh if you want, but that means you’re laughing at the miseries, so you do you. An explosive flavour of GUAVA begins the journey, and soon moulds into PASSIONFRUIT and it’s all uphill from there! With MILK CHOCOLATE swimming around in the back end as the finale before a CRISP finish, there ain’t nothing miserable about this coffee!

Costa Rica San Francisco
Costa Eurica! You’ve struck gold! Immediate citrus flavours like ORANGE are the first thing you’ll experience, before they become sweeter as they transform into GRILLED LEMON. The adventure isn’t over yet as it continues to transform, and the sugary flavours develop. There’s a heavy BUTTERSCOTCH flavour, and a VELVETY mouth coating! Screw the gold rush, experience the San Francisco rush!


Mexico Finca Chelin
We’ve had this coffee on before, and we’ll have it again. If you’re not familiar with it yet, start counting down the days until you can get your hands on it! An immediate sparkling LEMONADE like acidity floods the experience. Savour this moment, as the flavours soon become more PASTRY like with hints of BROWN SUGAR. The ROUND body going hand in hand with a VIBRANT finish, should end Tequila’s reign as Mexico’s favourite drink and Finca Chelin will take the crown.

Kenya Guama AA
Now we all know we need to eat more fruit, you can tell a nutritionist that all you eat is fruit and they’ll tell you to eat more. So break the cycle of relentless fruit gorging, and indulge yourself with the Kenya Guama! GRAPEFRUIT and APPLE notes will leave you feeling proud of your new upped fruit intake! And a prominent back end of HAZELNUT will tie you over should any cheeky cravings spring up! The SOFT body paired with the CRISP finish is going to result in you wanting to taste it again! Meaning even more of a fruit intake! You can’t lose when you choose the Kenya Guama!

Guatemala La Pampa
Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, morning mood by Grieg is on repeat and Guatemala La Pampa is on rotation! APRICOT and LEMON burst forth upfront and are soon met by ACACIA HONEY which carries through the back. The SILKY body paired with an ELEGANT finish are bound to put a little SPRING in your step!

Ethiopia Guji – Uraga Gomero
The drying process for this coffee was experimented with, which resulted in the coffee beginning to ferment at a much earlier stage. This means that this process has highlighted flavours such as TROPICAL FRUITS and COGNAC, whilst still maintaining an underlying flavour of COCOA NIBS which many have come to expect from Ethiopian coffees. Another result of the fermentation is a WINEY like finish. This coffee is a must try, especially if you’re a fan of natural Ethiopians!

Lachlan – Toby’s Estate Roaster