Local Stories : The Craftsmen

At Toby’s Estate, coffee craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do. Chris Bonney our master roaster is the ultimate craftsman, going to great lengths to bring out the unique character & delicate flavours that naturally sits within every bean. In celebration of craftsmanship, we are unearthing the stories of other independent craftsmen within our community who share the same passion & dedication to delivering uncompromised quality in their own fields. Discover their stories below.

  • The Sign Maker

    Down a sharp-edged alley, between looming factories, this doesn’t feel like the place for an artist’s workshop. But tucked away amongst this concrete jungle you’ll find TJ Guzzardi the sign maker, creating traditional, hand-painted signs and art from his studio.

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  • The Blacksmith

    Growing up just outside of Townsville in the 1940s, farrier and blacksmith Des Bosworth was always surrounded by horses. “Everyone had horses back in those days,” he says. “I shod my first horse when I was 14 years old – that was about 54 years ago.”

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  • The Bookbinding Toolmaker

    When a young Frank Wiesner first came to cabinetmaking as an eager teenager in 1940s Germany, he had no clue that his fledgling career path would later lead him halfway across the globe to regional Queensland, nor that a client’s one-off request for a handmade bookbinding press would someday see them shipped as far and wide as Africa, South America, Europe and Hong Kong, as they are today.

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