CafeSmart helping from the ground up. Drink coffee, do good!

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It’s hard to imagine living on the streets, where a piece of cardboard could be your pillow, your bed, your roof, your home. Yet every night across Australia, more than 100,000 people are homeless, of these 14,000 sleep rough. Every day, two out of three people who look for crisis accommodation are turned away; there are ‘no vacancies’.

Vast numbers of our fellow Australians live in these dangerous and miserable conditions. Each has a different journey into homelessness, and they are not who you may think. Close to half the homeless are female — many with young children — and nearly half of all homeless are under the age of 25.

That’s why we’re so proud to be involved in the 4th Annual CafeSmart event across Australia on Friday 8th August. CafeSmart brings together coffee roasters, cafés and coffee drinkers around the country to help people who are homeless.

Last year, participating cafés around Australia raised close to $83,000! Incredible! This year, each of the Toby’s Estate signature cafés, together with other great cafes serving Toby’s Estate Coffee will donate $1.00 for each coffee sold to fund local projects.

“CafeSmart is an up-close-and-meaningful way for cafés and their customers to connect with their local community to help people for whom a latte is a luxury. This initiative is direct and close to home…it has a real impact on people’s lives.” Sarah Wilson, journalist, TV presenter and StreetSmart Ambassador.

So on Friday 8th August, come in, say hello and “Drink Coffee Do Good”!

Below is a list of the Toby’s Estate cafés supporting this great initiative.

Toby’s Estate Chippendale, 32-36 City Rd, Chippendale
Toby’s Estate Woolloomooloo, 129 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo
OneSixNine Cafe, 169 Alison Rd, Randwick

Toby’s Estate Melbourne, 325 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Bean Around The World, 318 Bridge Road, Richmond
Relish Cafe, 4/766 Toorak Road, Glen Iris
Wholefoods Food Store, 320 Bay Street, Brighton

Toby’s Estate Brisbane, 79 Albert St, Brisbane